Innovative Technologies

PortalPro – HBP’s customizable marketing collateral management/web-to-print solution allows you to manage your brand and market your content! It’s an elegant e-commerce solution that provides a simple way to gain access to any material placed on your site. Whether you’re ordering logo ware or building a personalized kit for a prospect, PortalPro will be open for business 24/7 as your electronic storefront for managing business papers – helping you attract new business, service existing customers, and even manage employee service and rewards programs without leaving your desk.

PURLs – Personalized URLs (PURLs) enable you to develop one-to-one campaigns for each customer (or member) in your databases. Each message recipient receives a unique URL (e.g., When the recipient clicks on the provided link, our hosting website “reads” the visitor’s identity from the Personalized URL and “builds” a unique splash page for the visitor in real time. Every action the visitor takes while visiting our host Website through the Personalized URL can be tracked and reported to you. The intelligence you gather during the visitor’s Personalized URL stay provides invaluable information, and helps you develop increasingly profile-specific messages with each subsequent “touch” of your campaigns.

QR Codes – A QR code is short for “Quick Response” barcode. However, it is more useful than a standard barcode because it can store (and digitally present) much more data, including url links, geographic coordinates, and text. A key feature of QR Codes is that smartphones or mobile devices (e.g., tablets) can scan them quickly to navigate users to a mobile page pertinent to the code’s location or offering being advertised or promoted. You can use QR Codes in a number of different ways such as on printed materials, flyers, posters, and much more – providing another innovative way to connect with audiences and share details of your products, services, and events.