Print and Finishing Solutions

Our print solutions include a PDF-based pre-press department as well as a full array of offset, digital, and wide-format printing capabilities and a highly automated bindery department to address all kinds of projects – simple to complex – from beginning to end.

Pre-Press – Our pre-press department, which utilizes the full digital capabilities of Kodak’s PDF-based Prinergy workflow, allows seamless integration for pre-flighting digital files through imposition and final output.

Online Proofing – With online proofing, we enable customers to view, comment, and approve their print proofs over the Internet using a standard Web browser. This also allows people working at different sites to access the same proofs. Our plate department is completely digital. All of our offset plates are directly imaged on one of our thermal platesetters.

HBP takes great pride in the work we print every day. We know your brand is everything and our printing equipment, processes and craftsmen ensure that we produce your work with the highest industry standards possible. In addition to being a G7 printer we also are a G7 Process Control master- 1 of 8 worldwide. Here is a little info on this prestigious designation to show you how important your brand is to us!

G7® is part of IDEAlliance’s industry-leading set of specifications for achieving gray balance and is the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. We take it further by also being a G7 Master of Process Control.

G7 Process Control

  • 1 of 1,120 certified G7 Masters worldwide
  • 1 of 8 certified Process Control Masters worldwide
  • Process-based color consistency and repeatability
  • Can be applied to any imaging technology
  • Third-party audit every 3 months

Offset Printing – Offset printing starts with controlling variation within process control to achieve expert results. Our closed-loop system ensures we have the highest controls in place, enabling us to yield predictable results every time. Our spectrometry software measures color – and not just density – to ensure we print the actual color you desire. We offer technologically advanced sheet-fed printing with a full range of presses.

Product Highlights

  • FSC Certified
  • TOYO Eco-Friendly Vegetable-Based Inks (soy oil based, solvent free, quick setting, environmentally friendly, no VOC-related problems, laser safe)

Variable Data Digital Printing – We leverage the power of personalized marketing communications to enhance your response rates and reduce inventories. With variable data (on demand) digital printing you control versionable, individualized text and graphics that can be targeted to customer and prospect interests. Our digital printing department – which offers both black and white and color digital output, with in-line finishing including saddle stitching and perfect binding – is an integral part of our online store and fulfillment services.

Product Highlights

We have a variety of digital presses including HP Indigo and Xerox Igen and Nuvera. With our 7 color HP IndiChrome technology, you can:

  • Digitally print short runs with special colors
  • Match corporate colors and tints
  • Create your own specific colors
  • Enhance the color gamut of images

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Print on Demand Services – The power of our print on demand services is that it provides you predictable unit costs. It also gives you the opportunity to only offer the most current versions of your content. Using a POD workflow typically enables orders to be produced and fulfilled in 48 hours. We would welcome the chance to sit down with you to see what content you have that would work well in a print on demand environment. You may find that you want a hybrid workflow for some of your work that could include both offset and print on demand.

Fully Automated Bindery – Our computerized paper cutters are the ultimate solution for delivering accuracy, repeatability, and efficiency. We can store the cutting parameters for repeat projects in the same way that we store colors specifications for our presses. Our folders, saddle stitchers, and perfect binder are equipped with electronic optical sensors that reduce human error from the binding operations. Once the equipment is set up, the sensor takes a snapshot of the printed signature that is being loaded into the machine. The sensor then looks at each subsequent piece that is run through the machine to make sure it is identical to the original. If an operator loads a form or signature upside down or backwards, the sensor sees this and alerts the operator to fix the problem.

Other Finishing Options

  • Laminating
  • UV Coating
  • Pocket folder converting
  • Tabbing with mylar reinforcement
  • Inline punching for plasticoil/GBC book, 3-hole drill, and side stitching